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Walmart Buys Vizio and The Rise of Retailer Marketing

You may have missed that Walmart paid $2.3 Billion in February for TV maker Vizio. Unless you are in the business of reaching consumers through first-party data it is easy to overlook. However, the acquisition offers insights into the burgeoning business of retailer marketing. Walmart was less interested in selling Vizio’s TV than its SmartCast

Under the Influence(r)

Have you ever wondered how in the world some of these brands are showing up absolutely everywhere? You might think they have the inside secrets that not all marketers know or haven’t caught up to yet, but really, they’ve just tapped into what people really want—less advertising, more human interaction.

Unleashing Tasty Success!

Welcome to the vibrant world of Creative Energy, where marketing isn’t just a service; it’s a culinary masterpiece. As a small but dynamic advertising and marketing agency, our commitment is clear: we’re here to build cult brands.

What are Winning Food Brand Marketing Strategies for 2024? We Have Some Answers.

Wrapping your brain around winning strategies for food brands at retail starts with a reality check on a big change in shopper behavior. Here is the current state. According to Ibotta® a mobile couponing company, three years ago, if an average American shopper visited the grocery store 52 times annually and rang up 20 items