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February 8, 2024

3 Ways to Get Your B2B Content Strategy in Gear THIS Year

Tony Treadway

3 Ways to Get Your B2B Content Strategy in Gear THIS Year blog article header image

Smart content strategies aren’t just for the B2C channel. With fragmented media, B2B decision-makers have pivoted to alternatives that range from podcasts to YouTube and emerging LinkedIn options to discover new products.

Here are three ways we’ve earned engagement with B2B targets on behalf of clients in the past year.


Decision-makers are turning to podcasts as an alternative to B2B print publications, especially after the COVID shutdown. Spotify says searches for podcasts on their platform have grown 7,400% in just the past five years. Thus, explore developing your own podcast with a focus on industry insights innovation in both a fun and entertaining way—not just hawking your products. For one client, we found an alternative to advertising on a rapidly emerging podcast. The audience rapidly grew in audience numbers, and we bought in early to enjoy the growth.

Video Content Is Key

Image from sizzle video example.
Generating a little sizzle behind your products is a guaranteed hook for capturing B2B target attention. Watch this example used in multiple ways.

Let’s face it, we live in a visual world, and nothing beats video for engagement. Deploying your video now has multiple platforms beyond YouTube. LinkedIn, a social platform wholly built for business now offers video deployment within target industries. B2B publications are quickly offering video as an option for their prestitial roadblocks that visitors to their sites must watch to enter their sites. Likewise, B2B pubs can integrate your video into the personal feeds of their own opted-in social followers.

Educational social media video example image.
Content shared on any social network showing target audiences how your product is made earns awareness and educates. Watch this one example.

Every great target can’t resist watching how “things” are made. Consider showcasing non-proprietary bits of your manufacturing process to demonstrate quality, precision, or efficiency. We recently chose to deploy video with a different tactic, to tug at heartstrings.

Image from branded social video example.
An emotional approach to decision makers using video. Watch it now.

The video above is being leveraged to connect with restaurant operators to switch to Red Gold’s Folds of Honor Ketchup where proceeds go to the charity that benefits families of fallen first responders and the military. We deployed it via the methods we’ve described to great success.

Make It Downloadable

Branded B2B industry insights report example.
Delivering one-of-a-kind insights is smart for capturing the leads of decision-makers.

At Creative Energy, content not only grabs the attention of target B2B decision-makers, but it also drives lead generation. That’s why clients turn to us to perform target industry research that points to their products as a solution. Downloadable insights are a perfect content strategy for capturing leads who share their contact information to download the irresistible. Frequently these downloadables capture more actionable leads than a client’s actual offer of free samples of their actual product.


Imagining content can frequently be overlooked in targeting B2B decision-makers as part of a comprehensive strategy. We find clients who can’t see the forest of available content because they’re not sure what content works best. We have some answers. Let’s talk.