How Cult Brands Hinge on Buyers’ Beliefs

If you’ve read any of our articles regarding our brand work, you’ve likely realized that Creative Energy is passionate about brand culture. For nearly 30 years, our agency has been partnering with companies that want to build a genuine relationship between their brands and their audience. The process to create real engagement is not easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding for your company both in sales growth and brand reputation.

Creative Energy has continued to work with industry leading brands for decades, which is exponentially longer than the ad industry average of 3.2 years.


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Our Independent Survey

This year, we invested in an extensive shopper and client survey project to help us validate the real value behind building cult brands. The shopper survey questionnaire asked participants to give their honest perspective on their own brand loyalty behaviors and what they valued most when deciding which brands would earn their loyalty. What we found was both encouraging in how much it supported our goals as a marketing and advertising agency, but also sobering to understand how important it is to build a brand culture proposition on solid ground for our clients.

In our independent survey, 68.54% of respondents make purchases more often with loyal brands, and 55.81% are happy to pay more for brand products and services they believe in.

68.54% of participants make purchases more often from loyal brands 55.81% of participants are willing topay more with loyal brands

Sharing Our Findings

From the survey results, we’ve written an extensive case study to share our findings and offer some helpful guidance on how cult brands are developed and what the practical value is in considering a cult brand strategy for your marketing and advertising efforts.

The case study provides information on:

How we define a cult brand

What’s the real value of brand loyalty

The current trends in brand loyalty for shoppers

What characteristics brand loyalists value most in brand culture