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Stone Mountain Technologies

Anesi Logo & Brand Guide

Stone Mountain Technologies was looking to evolve their brand to reflect the company’s innovations in heat pump technology and engage more with consumers. Our team began by conducting a brand workshop to uncover the simple truth which would become the foundation of their new brand—to be the leading innovator of environmentally sustainable comfort solutions. Together with the SMT team, we created a new brand name “Anesi,” which is the Greek word for comfort, leading to the development of a comprehensive branding guide that included bold typography, a dynamic color palette, and a memorable logo that all tied back to their company vision.

Green Mountain Gringo

That’s Some BS

A lot of people see the terms all natural and organic as a bunch of BS. But Green Mountain Gringo’s backside is truly made up of clean ingredients, unlike many other brands. The ask was to continue educating people about their backside and bring more awareness to the overall brand. So we created a campaign featuring 3 different ingredient “experts” that spoke to the BS that makes Green Mountain Gringo’s (B)ack(S)ide so believable.

Texas Pete

We Have the Sauce

“Having the sauce” is taking on a whole new meaning with Texas Pete. They asked us to continue the message of the Sauce Like You Mean It campaign, speaking to more of the ethos of the brand to relate to consumers. Our team began by redefining what the sauce really is and what it means to folks who use Texas Pete. We created 3 spots around this idea that the sauce is more of a spirit and a swagger of someone who’s all about gathering with their people, sharing with others, and using the actual sauce in creative, delicious ways—the best method to Sauce Like You Mean It.

J&J Snack Foods

ICEE Sizzle Reel

Whether you’re a Gen X or Gen Z, you probably grew up enjoying an ICEE at the movies or your local convenience store. ICEE wanted to remind people of the childlike joy they get when sipping the cold, sweet drink and show the many ICEE options available. We created a sizzle video to show how the ICEE brand would set quick-service restaurants and convenience store owners apart as the supplier of this nostalgic treat and at the same time, prompting consumers to look for and ask for ICEE products.

The American Cancer Society

Not Just Anyone Campaign

Cancer impacts everyone, but it doesn’t impact everyone equally. The American Cancer Society tasked us with creating a bold, thought-provoking campaign to help people face the realities of cancer health disparities while also showing large corporations how they can be a part of the solution. To accomplish this, we made cancer patients’ striking statistics the headlines of Fortune Magazine, designing a full magazine cover wrap to give them a voice and create impactful partnerships.

Ajinomoto Foods

Revel Eats Brand Launch

Longtime partner Ajinomoto Foods tasked us with building a visual identity and compelling story to launch their new Revel Eats gastropub-inspired appetizer line. We followed up the logo system design with animation and an intense tabletop shoot for video and photo content. Crispy, crunchy, crazy good brand building mission accomplished.

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