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Pal's Sudden Service

The Climb to Fame

How do you take a regional fast food restaurant and help them compete with industry giants? With strategic marketing and fresh, award-winning creative. Great client relationships result in big rewards, and our relationship with Pal’s is a reflection of how the right partnership can help a brand climb to cult status.

Pal's Sudden Service

Recruitment Campaign

For Pal’s, delicious food is everything. So when this regional fast food leader wanted to launch a recruitment campaign, we knew their hiring initiatives would still need to share the spotlight with fan favorite menu items. We set to work crafting a campaign that would combine key hiring traits with Pal’s fan love for their menu, while infusing the visuals with the same playful vibrancy embodied by the brand for years.


Mask Campaign

With East Tennessee quickly becoming the epicenter for COVID-19 spread, there was no time to ask nicely for locals to do their part. A shocking campaign was needed to convince those not wearing masks to change their behavior and change it now.

Bank of Tennessee

Green Ribbon Reopening

We were presented with a challenge from our client, Bank of Tennessee. How do we communicate a message of hope and support for small businesses and bank employees during such a difficult time? The message became clear when we learned that Bank of Tennessee helped save over 14,000 jobs by making $100 million in funds available to over 1000 businesses in our state. This campaign signifies pride, a new beginning, and the strength of our region to move forward into whatever unknown comes next.

Philly Swirl

Digital Campaign

A dash of nostalgia and a splash of color came into play as we took a deep dive into what makes a Swirld of Fun. When J&J Snack Foods were in need of a Philly Swirl digital campaign targeting tweens, we knew we needed to create a place so enticing they’d be begging mom to let them experience it. So we imagined the world through a child’s eyes, and explored how Philly Swirl products could "score" their special flavors and features. The result? Well, let’s just say, we helped our client level up.

Case Studies