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Trails & Tunes Festival

The first event of its kind, the Trails & Tunes Festival of Erwin, TN, needed to get the good word out of its existence. Targeting the Appalachian trail’s “bubble” (Where a large group congregates to hike the trail), as well as tourists from the neighboring areas, we were tasked to inform folks of a fun day of listening to music in the great outdoors. We created a logo befitting the event, a tagline that gets the people going, an inviting website, and targeted social media to promote this new and exciting festival. But when the festival you’re promoting is in the gorgeous East Tennessee mountains, the whole thing kinda sells itself.

La Brea Bakery

Every Great Day Starts with La Brea Bakery

Great bread is at the center of every great meal, and La Brea Bakery wanted to position itself as the top-of-mind artisan bread for consumers. Through in-depth food trends and demographic research, our team created a :30 TV spot, digital ads, and social media assets to keep La Brea Bakery as their top choice by inspiring consumers to use the better artisan bread for everyday life events such as book clubs, family dinners, or a cookout with friends. This campaign took the high quality aspects of La Brea Bakery breads and brought them to life through beautifully cinematic visuals, recipe design, and practical life application.

Tri-Cities Airport

Tri-Cities Airport Website

We love our local airport—no seriously, we love it. Tri-Cities Airport connects us to major hubs with endless destinations, and we don’t even need a cartography degree to find our gate. Flying local is easily the most convenient way to begin any journey, and Tri-Cities Airport needed their website to display their wide array of customer services while also reflecting their goal of attracting new business opportunities and bringing more route options to our area. accomplishes all this and more with a completely reworked site structure, redefined user journeys, and a sleek new design.

Pal's Sudden Service

Discover the Big Pal

The Big Pal is one BIG, delicious discovery. As a result of a dramatic increase in population in Northeast Tennessee, our team was tasked with educating newcomers about the Big Pal. We did some digging, and found out one of the best things about the Big Pal was the initial discovery of it, which is indeed, a BIG deal to all who have tasted it. Our team created a TV spot featuring two inventors who made this discovery for themselves, featuring a mechanical pigeon (crafted by a Muppetteer!) who helped to spread the word.

J&J Snack Foods

PhillySwirl Packaging

We had the exciting opportunity to elevate the beloved frozen treat brand, PhillySwirl, helping it outshine its competitors in the freezer section. The ask was to design packaging that captured the whimsical nature of the brand while also simplifying the design to focus on the flavors.

Red Gold Ketchup

The Sampler

Red Gold tomatoes are the premium choice when it comes to quality, taste, and honestly…they even look tastier than other competitors’ tomatoes. We were tasked with informing consumers about Red Gold’s standard of tomato, leading us to create a TV spot that spoke to people where they would think about tomatoes the most—at the shelf.

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