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Bank of Tennessee

In the Business of Happiness

To some, happiness is a place. To others, a moment in time or even a mindset. Whatever or wherever that is, you need money to help you find it. This campaign tapped into that simple human truth to communicate that Bank of Tennessee is much more than transactions and tellers, it’s part of the happiest moments in life.

Pal's Sudden Service

It's Chili Billie Time!

The man. The myth. The legend. It’s Chili Billie, Pal’s Chili Burger Superfan.

Texas Pete

Simple As Campaign

COVID created a challenging new landscape for restaurant operators to navigate. We decided it was time to change that. To do so, we showed operators that creating craveable menus is as simple as Sauce Like You Mean It when using Texas Pete products. This highly effective campaign featured 12 multi-use recipes featuring Texas Pete products and less than 5 ingredients. To bring it all together, we created hard-to-resist print ads, tasty videos, and delightful magazine covers that all drove awareness to our landing page where restaurant operators could unlock irresistible recipes every month.

Pal's Sudden Service

Discover the Deliciousness

Frenchie Fries are a local treasure, but what makes them so tasty is one of Pal’s best kept secrets—their savory salt seasoning. To bring to light these golden gems, we revealed the origin story of Pal’s salt seasoning, which was obviously found deep within a secret salt mine in the mountains of Tennessee. So if you’re curious enough to hear some tasty history, grab a bag of Pal’s Frenchie Fries, and discover the deliciousness.

Forever Oceans

Go Blue

Sustainability is often associated with going green. However, 3/4 of the planet is actually blue. Forever Oceans, a sustainable seafood company, is raising seafood offshore to restore the blue waters we love most. Check out this brand video we created to communicate their mission and learn how you can go blue.

Pal's Sudden Service

Bluegrass and Biscuits

We pulled out all the stops to promote the return of the Tender Pork Loin Biscuit at Pal's. To promote this regional classic, we turned to the region's original music style: bluegrass. We put a new twist on a classic folk song called "Boil Them Cabbage Down" with talented young musicians from East Tennessee State University performing it. This song was incorporated into a TV commercial featuring bluegrass celebrity Tim White. We also used it to create social content, festival signage, SWAG, out-of-home ads, and a radio spot. So clap our hands, stomp your feet, and sing along to this catchy tune dedicated to Pal's Tender Pork Loin Biscuits.

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