Pal's Sudden Service

Sudden Service The Game

Previously a mobile app that was solely used as for nutritional information, we saw the opportunity to create a lasting branded engagement platform via a game, allowing for entertainment and seamlessly educating throughout, prompting a thumping 10,000 downloads within the first week, all done to further the brand mantra to bring surprise and delight to fans.

Green Mountain Gringo

Check Out Our Backside

Modern shoppers are demanding more transparency from food manufacturers. Green Mountain Gringo has had a long history of providing delicious products with truly clean ingredient labels. We developed a proposition for those that want to eat delicious foods, and expect a healthy option, to “Check Out Our Backside.” We played up the humor with video campaigns, print ads, and social media programs that encourage people to compare our ingredients list with other brands.

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Industry

Coca-Cola is a world leader in providing a wide variety of beverages, as their agency of record for their business-to-business advertising for years, we’ve supported the company with experiential event activations, sophisticated web resources, trade event assets, video, photography, and strategic insight to help them continue to communicate their commitment to businesses in the global market.

Philly Swirl

A Swirld of Fun

The client wanted help to connect an audience of more and more health-conscious consumers (parents) with their Philly Swirl product line. Recognizing the inherent the delight the product has, we helped reposition the brand as a whimsical and fun way to experience the world. Launched via a new website which brings together whimsical photo illustrations, a new color palette, and light-hearted copy.

Texas Pete

Sauce Like You Mean It

Fans so enthusiastic they gave rise to a higher calling, allowing us to reposition Texas Pete as a lifestyle brand, who’s followers belong to a special club of influencers we call the Texas Pete Tribe, with a dedicated call-to-action tagline which promotes social interaction – Sauce Like You Mean It®.

Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau

Find Your Pace

Johnson City, TN is a region rich with outdoor adventures, cultural heritage, and historical relevance. Our team proposed an all-new approach for the client to engage visitors, and new prospective residents to the region. A new website and social media campaign we developed for the Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau would allow users to customize their website experience based on their specific interests and curiosity, allowing them to build their own custom trip and profile. The site included an entirely new look and feel that will be translated into more campaign assets moving forward.

Case Studies