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Texas Pete

Dreamland Barbecue

Barbecue and Alabama football are steeped in a rich history of tradition—and they go together just like Texas Pete® and ribs. For Texas Pete® TV

Pal's Sudden Service

Sudden Service The Game

Previously a mobile app that was solely used as for nutritional information, we saw the opportunity to create a lasting branded engagement platform via a game, allowing for entertainment and seamlessly educating throughout, prompting a thumping 10,000 downloads within the first week, all done to further the brand mantra to bring surprise and delight to fans.

Texas Pete

Sauce Like You Mean It

With its long history in foodservice, Texas Pete® has been a top 3 sauce for years. Over time, competitors added to their foodservice selections, so Texas Pete needed to cut through the clutter.

Green Mountain Gringo

Check Out Our Backside

Modern shoppers are demanding more transparency from food manufacturers. Green Mountain Gringo has had a long history of providing delicious products with truly clean ingredient labels. We developed a proposition for those that want to eat delicious foods, and expect a healthy option, to “Check Out Our Backside.” We played up the humor with video campaigns, print ads, and social media programs that encourage people to compare our ingredients list with other brands.

Johnson City Convention & Visitors Bureau

Southern Dozen Rebrand & App Development

Parla's "Filled with Goodness" campaign transports viewers to a world in which they are encouraged to explore the delightful wonder of food. We translated this direction to social media by creating an image grid scavenger hunt giveaway. The Golden Ravioli Giveaway held true to this world that's "Filled with Goodness" by focusing on a variety of fresh ingredients, and giving users the ability to satisfy their sense of adventure. Each post contained multiple images which allowed users to explore, discover facts about a variety of ingredients and Parla products, and sometimes discover the hidden Golden Ravioli. Users who discovered all hidden ravioli were eligible to continue their adventure into the world of food with a Williams-Sonoma gift card.

Pal's Sudden Service

Won't Weigh You Down

The insight we discovered for The Big Chicken comes from its 98% fat free deli-sliced main ingredient. It fills you up like a burger - without that heavy feeling. So, it’s easier to continue any activity, no matter how questionable the activity may be. We told this story through outlandishly entertaining TV and digital video, as well as social activation.

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