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An Ode to the Audience

Ah, the audience. The large swath of diverse people we like to sum up in a sentence or two. Everything I do, I do for you. No, really. You are my beacon. The lighthouse that leads my idea to safe harbor. The reflective plates that keep me steady on the dark road of concepting.

Summer 2024 Foodie Trends: What’s Hot on Instagram

As we step into the warm sunny days of summer 2024, food enthusiasts are turning to social media to discover the latest culinary trends. From refreshing beverages to aesthetically pleasing desserts, Instagram is buzzing with exciting new flavors and innovative creations. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking to add a fun twist to your summer cooking, here are seven hot trends making waves this season.

The Life of Vine

As a 20-something working in social media, I think about Vine too often. How could I not? For an app that had a life span of four years, it set the precedent for what social media is today. It was an industry disruptor—the beginning of short-form video and what we know as the social media

5 Great Marketing Podcasts in 2020

With all that is currently disrupting our current interactions in the industry, many marketing and advertising professionals are taking a break from the news cycle by catching up on some industry podcasts to stay connected.  There are tons of great podcasts from marketing and advertising experts to choose from.  We’ve been catching up on a

Tuning Out To Tune In

Podcasting is everywhere. And the genres are endless. True crime, news, comedy, educational, stories, sports, health. It’s how people get their news, learn curated facts they may not have sought out on their own, listen to stories from strangers, dive into their obsession with true crime, and have their favorite comedians tell jokes whenever they

Make Mama Proud

Local marketing and advertising professionals have created a new campaign to help promote “practical” choices people can make that have a big positive impact on the environment.  The new campaign, called “Make Mama Proud,” is focused on providing information and education on the impact consumer behavior has on our global environment, and how “simple” changes