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Texas Pete

Simple As Campaign

COVID created a challenging new landscape for restaurant operators to navigate. We decided it was time to change that. To do so, we showed operators that creating craveable menus is as simple as Sauce Like You Mean It when using Texas Pete products. This highly effective campaign featured 12 multi-use recipes featuring Texas Pete products and less than 5 ingredients. To bring it all together, we created hard-to-resist print ads, tasty videos, and delightful magazine covers that all drove awareness to our landing page where restaurant operators could unlock irresistible recipes every month.

Texas Pete Simple As magazine print ad campaigns
Texas Pete infused drink
Texas Pete loaded fries
Fine dining plate of food featuring Texas Pete hot sauce
Texas Pete sauce like you mean it foodservice print ad campaign
FSR foodservice magazine cover campaign  featuring hot wings coated in Texas Pete
QSR foodservice ad campaign cover takeover featuring hot wings cooked in Texas Pete hot sauce website on desktop phone and tablet
bowl of Texas Pete dressed salad
plate of tender loin cooked in Texas Pete hot sauce
plate of loaded tater tots infused with Texas Pete hot sauce


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