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Mullican flooring

Sample Something Real

Mullican Flooring prides itself by making the world’s best premium, real hardwood flooring.<br><br>We wanted to convey both the high quality and authenticity in the design of their sample books and mailers in a way that makes consumers understand that they’re not just looking at a home-building product, they’re looking at a historical artifact that connects them with nature with every step they take.<br><br>While images of lovely finished rooms are necessary and nice, in the sample book for the architectural industry, we decided to take a step back and also show reverence for the venerable woods from which Mullican’s flooring is made. <br><br>Rather than sending direct-to-consumer samples in a plain brown box or padded envelope, we proposed a new sample box that protected and presented their wood as the precious commodity it is. The client agreed that their product deserves the VIP treatment.


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