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Create a Craving

The food industry has undergone a tremendous transformation over the past decade. Whether your company competes in the foodservice, cpg, hospitality, c-store, retail, or institutional segments of the food industry, you have experienced the unprecedented effect technology and changing buyer behaviors have had on your business. The brands that are winning have been those that have been agile in their response and relevant in their new messaging.

Creative Energy has proven to be one of the most capable and effective partners for brands to evolve and win more market share in this new economy. Since our founding some 27 years ago, our agency has partnered with well-known brands in food retail, c-store, cpg, and food service segments. This level of direct experience within the food industry has given Creative Energy the ability to build one of the strongest and most respected reputations with industry advisors, trade editorial teams, and media outlets across the country. Our agency leadership has had the opportunity to sit on key industry boards, and advise trade event leadership on every aspect of food marketing and advertising standards.

Tony Treadway, the founder and CEO of Creative Energy, is one of the most respected authorities on marketing, strategy, brand positioning, and advertising execution within the food industry. He has built a team of professionals in the areas of creative, production, account services, digital development, and media buying that consistently build some of the most highly-regarded advertising and marketing campaign assets in our industry. The core mission has never changed though, Creative Energy has always followed the directive to champion our client’s brands and grow as they grow.

Our team is lead by a group of creative executives that have come from some of the largest agencies around the country. They bring insights and processes, having worked on campaigns for some of the largest global brands in multiple industries. These innovative professionals lead a team of art directors and production designers that have worked on campaigns for Creative Energy clients like Coca-Cola®, Texas Pete®, Ajinomoto®, Red Gold®, Pal’s Sudden Service®, and many more.

Our passion for the food industry inspires all members of our team to be thought-leaders in brand positioning and technology integration in order to help our clients expand to their next level of growth. Creative Energy’s continued success as a full-service marketing and advertising partner with our clients is guided by our vast resource of experience and our undying drive to improve the messages we create.

If you’re ready to accelerate your brand’s growth in the industry, we are confident that our team can bring new insights into your brand and help you build a targeted message that engages your audience. After all, creative work is only as good as the results it can demonstrate—and Creative Energy has been delighting clients and captivating customers for longer than most agencies in our industry have been around.

Today is the day to change your brand’s course for success, and it only takes a minute to begin. Contact the Creative Energy team, and let’s begin the discussion of how you will succeed in the next decade. We have the tools, and we are confident you have the passion to get there. Let’s do it together!


Pal’s Game

Sudden Service The Game

Previously a mobile app that was solely used as for nutritional information, we saw the opportunity to create a lasting branded engagement platform via a game, allowing for entertainment and seamlessly educating throughout, prompting a thumping 10,000 downloads within the first week, all done to further the brand mantra to bring surprise and delight to fans.


Coca-Cola Industry

Coca-Cola is a world leader in providing a wide variety of beverages, as their agency of record for their business-to-business advertising for years, we’ve supported the company with experiential event activations, sophisticated web resources, trade event assets, video, photography, and strategic insight to help them continue to communicate their commitment to businesses in the global market.

Green Mountain Gringo

Check Out Our Backside

Modern shoppers are demanding more transparency from food manufacturers. Green Mountain Gringo has had a long history of providing delicious products with truly clean ingredient labels. We developed a proposition for those that want to eat delicious foods, and expect a healthy option, to “Check Out Our Backside.” We played up the humor with video campaigns, print ads, and social media programs that encourage people to compare our ingredients list with other brands.

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