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September 23, 2019

An Appetite for Video

Will griffith

video content marketing

The only thing Americans consume more than food is video. We aren’t just talking snacking either. Sure, boring, product-centered pre-rolls keep getting shorter, but quality content that entertains and inspires is binged 24/7. The question is, do you have the right ingredients in place to put engaging video on the menu? 

Investing in memorable video content is an investment in your brand that pays dividends more than any other type of media. Nothing makes a human connection or keeps the attention of your targeted audience like it. 

Think of it this way:

  • A great photo of your menu item makes consumers hungry for that type of food
  • A photo with a unique, branded treatment makes consumers hungry for YOUR food
  • A unique video, commercial, etc. makes them SHARE their product desire with others 

Sharing may not be something we do well with food, but it is a big part of the video experience.

However, a human connection is not going to happen with messages like “BUY [insert product name] NOW! ONLY [discount price] FOR A LIMITED TIME!”. Why? Because people hate ads. What they don’t hate is something with emotional value, be it comedy, romance, etc. or in recent times—a great story about where the food came from. 

That gets us to an important question: “What kind of video message should I use?” 

Unfortunately, this is where things get off track for many brands. They know there is a need for video, but they get caught up in the rush to create something instead of first asking themselves, “Who are we?” That is why there are literally thousands of branded videos on YouTube with 500 views or less. 

A few questions to ask yourself to ensure your video will be a success:

  1. Are we making this video only because my competitor is? 
  2. Are we making this video because we just need some video?
  3. Are we making this video because of some new camera tech?

If the answer to any of those is “Yes”, then we have a problem. Successful video content and successful campaigns include three things that cannot be faked or forgotten: A strong brand position, excellent creative strategy, and beautiful execution.   

Brand Position: This is the core of everything you do, from the way you hire people to the menu you place in front of your customers. Without it, any advertising and marketing efforts will be inefficient at best. A brand workshop is a great place to start. 

Creative Strategy: How you execute a video is NOT a strategy. Deciding to use a certain technology like AR or deciding to do a covertly filmed experience comes AFTER determining the ideal strategy to connect with consumers based on the Brand Position.   

Beautiful Execution: So many great videos are never shared because an investment wasn’t made in the details and craft of producing it. Viewers expect higher quality, be it a TV show or even a commercial. The best idea rarely overcomes poor production value.  

For almost a century, video technology and media have changed. However, as the delivery format, screen size, and frequency fluctuate, the process of creating engaging content for it has not. 

 If you need help building a compelling video story for your audience, our team is ready to work with you.  Our goal has always been to create resources that push our client’s brands to the front of the discussion, and after 28 years we have a proven record of results.  Reach out to David Brashears, our Director of New Business, or your current Creative Energy Brand Executive to learn more. | (423) 926-9494 ext: 111