Big News! We won Ad Age Small Agency of the Year.

August 14, 2019

Small Agency of the Year … What Does that Mean to You, and Us?

by Tony Treadway

Some of our leadership team joined Teresa and I on a quick trip to New Orleans. We were there to pick up our Small Agency of The Year Award from Ad Age. It’s a tremendous honor, but what does it mean to you, and us?

There’s a certain bar, or standard, that agencies who are worthy of a client’s investment should live by. This award is one of those standards. It’s proof that an agency is involved in a consistent effort to not only increase its profits but invest those profits into hiring top creative and brand executives who will bring a level of value to current and future clients through technology, capabilities and insights. That’s what such an award brings to you.

Yet, in recent months, there have been other indications that Creative Energy is worthy of a client’s trust that are even more important. Here are five examples:

A new campaign is reaping double-digit sales growth in key markets and solid sales growth nationwide. While there are others within the client’s organization should be credited, it’s evident that our insights and brand messaging is making a profound positive impact for the client.

A client who had tested our capabilities on two projects asked to meet for discussions on ramping up the relationship because of our insights and expertise within two different channels. “We’ve never met an agency who understands both channels of our business so well,” the client proclaimed. This client is publicly traded with $5 billion in annual sales.

A new client capabilities presentation intended for a 20-minute call turns into an hour-long discussion. Why? “Because I’ve never ran across an agency with such an understanding of the challenges that we face. I want to share what I’ve learned from you with my team tomorrow,” said the prospect. Their current agency has become order takers. “I don’t need an agency that I have to tell them what to do. I want an agency that tells me where we should go.”

A former client gives us a call. They had spent time with an agency who had little insight into their category. According to the client, “You understand our market and our challenges. We don’t have the time to bring the other guys up to speed. You know what we need and will do it well.”

I’m at a West Coast trade event and walk up to a client’s booth at 7:30 a.m. and someone is waiting to speak with me. She’d heard that our current marketing initiative for the client aligned with her company’s own plan to launch an identical initiative next year and wanted to talk about a partnership. She’s a marketing director for a $59 billion international juggernaut. Interesting.

There is a definite vibe in the air. I’d never dreamed that we’d earn a Small Agency of The Year Award, and I’m overjoyed. We’ve worked for nearly three decades for the other indications. Yes, others are now recognizing that we are a firm worthy of a discussion. We are an agency worthy of a client’s investment.