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September 22, 20222

Ode to Creative Energy Employee, Skittles, The Wonderdog

Tony Treadway

Skittles, the wonderdog.

I regret to inform friends and clients of Creative Energy of the passing of one of our most cherished and long-term employees – Skittles, The Wonderdog. For more than 16 years Skittles brought joy to generations of Creative Energy employees, and she can never be replaced.

She was more than an ordinary office dog. Her 12 lb. Shih Tzu frame belied her protective nature of unknown intruders into our office space until she warmed up to them and copped a scratch or a treat. In fact, Skittles may hold the Johnson City, Tennessee record for most treats brought to the agency by clients as part of their meeting.

Her early socialization training included visits to little league ballparks in a shoe box while her big brother, Wesley, was on the field. Her 1 lb. sweetness melted the hearts of crusty parents and little kids alike.

That loving nature offered respite to Creative Energy employees weathering tight schedules and the stress of working at an ad agency focused on building a national reputation from its mountain home. To my parents, in-laws, and friends she was a precious part of mine and Teresa’s family. She was never left to be boarded with other dogs while we were away because she was always a friend that was welcomed into their home as part of the family.

My wife, Teresa, could not have been a better mom to Skittles. Our staff could not have been kinder. For me, she was part of my normal. A consistency of grace and devotion to me that can only be given by a dog that is loyal to her master. Her office space was a blanket four feet from my desk and a bed next to Teresa. Through countless days, we always knew that Skittles was there. I may never move that blanket.

Countless rides on her daddy, Tony’s lap was always full of conversation, lots of hugs and not to mention his dancing partner on Saturday afternoons. 

I’ve lost several pets during my years whose passing has broken my heart. The day I first cuddled Skittles in my hands I say to her, “someday you will break my heart with your passing.” For now, I’m not heartbroken. I’m shattered. Goodbye Skittles. You will never be forgotten.