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July 12, 2023

Important Digital Shopper Marketing Tips

Tony Treadway

Important Digital Shopper Marketing Tips article.

If all or part of your job is about staying ahead of shopper marketing trends, we’re about to share some important digital trends that are crucial for both e-commerce and today’s omniverse.

Statistic on percentage of purchases that were influenced by online research. (77%)

While e-commerce growth has cooled a bit since the pandemic, consumer habits toward exploring a brand before they shop have grown even stronger. According to Circana in a new report, 77% of all purchases are influenced by online research. This includes brick-and-mortar shoppers where 50% who buy products in-store do their research first online. The new survey also found that 30% of shoppers regularly consult a retailer’s website or app while they shop inside the store.

These insights mean that smart marketers are paying more attention than ever to their digital shelves. They are becoming great storytellers even in postage-stamp-size activations on a retailer’s website. Here are three different shoppers to consider and how to win on your digital shelf.

Current Brand Buyers

Most companies focus on a dwindling group of existing brand buyers who are bombarded by competitors and less expensive store brands in the digital space. If you are wanting to hang on to your loyal shoppers share new ways to enjoy your brand’s assortment or offer new ways to use them in their lifestyle.

Lapsed Buyers

Consumers who have wandered away from a brand need to be enticed through engaging content. Give them a reason to take another look at the brand and why they once fell in love. Innovative new products, and new research that proves that your products are best are great tactics.

New Buyers

They are the hardest and most important in building brand penetration. They may not be in your category but can be nudged to make your brand the one they try first. Or steal share from competitors by intruding in their space.

Amazon advertising example

A good example of an intrusion tactic is Blue Buffalo pet food’s intrusion into Hills Science Diet dog food’s Amazon page. Their use of a large banner with a video asking, “Why Choose Blue Life Protection Formula?” is a compelling one that might spark trial.

A second tactic is to share trial sizes for potential new customers. We have one client who grew their brand by handing out small bottles of their products at tailgate gatherings ahead of college football games. Today, the same can be done through campaigns that ship trial-size bottles to potential customers or better yet, go by a brick-and-mortar retailer to buy one with an instant rebate at checkout.

By paying attention to postage stamp-size use of graphics with a product image, brands can steal share.

Example of competitive brand promotion on digital shops.

See how Nature Made Vitamins steals attention away from competitive brands with its claims and callouts. Developing a high-impact template for adding claims across a complete product line can be a game changer in growing sales and attracting new buyers.


Pay more attention to your digital shelf to grow your brand penetration by hanging on to current buyers and attracting lapsed and new buyers. Need some help in assembling your digital shelf strategy? We have the insights and talent to make a difference in your efforts.