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September 1, 2017

ETSU Officially Opens the Tony Treadway Press Box


Today, East Tennessee State University (ETSU) officially presented the new Tony Treadway Press Box at the William B. Greene Jr. Stadium. This new facility will provide journalists, media, and special guests an incredible facility from which to watch and report on Buccaneer football.

The new press box is named for Tony Treadway, a longtime ETSU athletics enthusiast, former local sports anchor, and owner of Creative Energy—the region’s premier advertising and public relations agency. Tony was a pioneer early on in developing special television programs supporting ETSU athletics while at WJHL-TV, Johnson City’s local CBS affiliate.

Daily sports coverage by Tony and production of multiple ETSU football and basketball programs showcased ETSU athletics and connected the university to the region and nation. Tony was also instrumental in the construction of wireless transmitting technologies at ETSU’s Memorial Center to provide live coverage of games and events on WJHL-TV.

Through the years, Tony and his family have been staunch supporters of the university’s academics and athletics as advocates and fundraisers.

Tony and his wife, Teresa, currently own and manage communications professionals at Creative Energy—providing top-tier marketing, advertising, and public relations support to both regional and national accounts.

More than 75% of the staff of Creative Energy is composed of ETSU graduates or current students. The company plays a key role in keeping talented marketing and communications professionals in the area, while giving them the opportunity to work on national campaigns with large national brands.

The ceremony to unveil the new press box was held today at noon in the William G. Greene Jr. Stadium fieldhouse. ETSU department heads, Buccaneer athletics leadership, local media, Creative Energy staff, and friends were all in attendance for the event. Tony was brought up and surprised with the unveiling of the official naming and the congratulations by his friends and peers. Tony thanked the school for the great honor and gave a brief speech, stating, “I’m amazed and honored. I love this school and all it’s meant to me over the years.”

He continued, “I want to say a special thanks to my beautiful wife, Teresa, and to all the ETSU staff. I’ve been very fortunate to live and grow my company in the same town where I graduated. Creative Energy is closely tied to ETSU and their graduates; it brings me a lot of satisfaction that we’ve been able to contribute back to this school in so many ways. Thank you all, and Go Bucs!”

The Tony Treadway Press Box will host its first cadre of sports journalists on Saturday, September 2nd at 6 p.m. as the ETSU Buccaneers take on the Limestone College Saints. All media coverage and game analysis will be coordinated through these new facilities.