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February 24, 2022

Don’t Just Talk, Say Something.

Leslie Barboza

Social Media content article.

In the marketing and advertising world, there is a tendency to hyper-focus on numbers. It is our job. It is how we know we are doing something right. However, when you add social media to the mix, you may have to let go of that fixation on numbers just a bit. The amount of followers, likes, shares, and comments your brand receives on social media is not indicative of your brand’s success – connection, community, and trust are the real currency here. Brands lose connection and trust with their audience when they are more worried about the amount of content that is being pushed out rather than the number of conversations we are activating and engaging in. People want to know there are humans behind a brand.

There is a vast amount of content in the social media realm; it is growing rapidly by the second. Instead of adding to the plethora of meaningless content, add value by meeting your audience where they are and sparking conversations through social posts, links, and comments. 

Texas Pete social media post example

Not Every Brand Is Created Equally

For this to work, you have to know who your audience is, what they are looking for, as well as your brand’s personality and purpose. Their values and the brand’s purpose need to be able to tie together and have meaning or there is a risk of being perceived as disingenuous. You wouldn’t go to a candy store and expect healthy snacks and health tips so why offer your audience valuable content that doesn’t align with your brand? Stick to your strengths and share beneficial, meaningful, and/or interesting content under your umbrella of expertise.

This content can look like anything: how-to’s, memes, videos, infographics, etc. Find out what makes sense for your audience. The content is solely a vehicle for what your brand is trying to express. This is where the difference between talking and saying something is evident.

Pal's Sudden Service social media post example.

Become Part Of The Community

Now you have purposeful content, great! But don’t get too excited just yet. You have to tend to the spark you created. The best way to find out how your content is doing and what your audience is saying about it is through the comment section. It is your best friend now, get acquainted. This is where you will be able to join conversations in real-time and create a level of comfort and trust that is far more valuable than the like and follower count. Taking the time to engage with your brand’s community fulfills a missing piece in the social media ladder: the social part, which is undoubtedly the most important. In doing so, your brand becomes more human and approachable.

Unicoi Country EDC social media post example

Let The Masses Guide You

Your audience is your greatest resource, follow their lead. Keep track of negative comments, look closely at positive feedback, and see what your audience is saying on different parts of social media to fuel your content. Don’t become distracted by the numbers game – an Instagram like does not go as far as a connection when we look at social media success. If you want to go beyond just talking and give your brand something to say, reach out to us!