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5 Great Marketing Podcasts in 2020

David Brashears

With all that is currently disrupting our current interactions in the industry, many marketing and advertising professionals are taking a break from the news cycle by catching up on some industry podcasts to stay connected.  There are tons of great podcasts from marketing and advertising experts to choose from.  We’ve been catching up on a few and wanted to share.

Here are a few of industry podcasts our team has been excited about lately.  I’ve included the descriptions from the podcast producers so they can share their concept. Enjoy!

  1. The A-List Podcast
  2. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner
  3. Disrupter Series
  4. Marketing Over Coffee
  5. The Marketing Book Podcast

The A-List Podcast

This is a great podcast being put on by legendary advertising experts who share their stories of how they’ve grown their agencies into leaders in the industry.  This is an inspiring series that helps young creative, and seasoned professionals, learn how creativity and great client relationships have shaped the landscape of our industry. Sponsored by AdHouse NYC and produced by DiMassimo Goldstein. 

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

This podcast has been a top-10 marketing podcast for the last seven years. Listen in the car, at the gym or while you’re walking the dog. In this show, you’ll discover success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros in a weekly 45-minute podcast. Discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing. Produced by Social Media Examiner.

The Disrupter Series

From movers to shakers to great content makers, these are the people disrupting business, culture and life. Join host Rob Schwartz, CEO of TBWAChiatDay NY, on the Disruptor Series Podcast.

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a marketing podcast, audio on demand that covers both classic and new marketing. Your hosts, John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, record the show every week and publish the show on Thursday mornings. Each show is about 20 minutes long and is filled with the kinds of marketing tips and tricks that you can only get from casual conversation outside of the office.

The Marketing Book Podcast

This podcast offers weekly interviews with authors of new marketing and sales books. Named by LinkedIn and Forbes as one of the top marketing and sales podcasts. Hosted by Douglas Burdett, a marketing agency principal, former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, and stand-up comedian.

There are tons more we could talk about, but these are just a few to hopefully help you get some well-deserved distraction in your day.  The Creative Energy is always here to help inspire and support all our clients.  If you’re ready to put your new plans to work, we’re ready!  Let’s start building the messaging that podcasts will be talking about in a month or two.