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April 1, 2021

Menu Items Headed for a COVID Comeback in 2021

Tony Treadway

Menu items headed for a COVID comeback in 2021

Plant-based and immunity-boosting foods are grabbing the headlines for foods consumers want in the COVID world. Let’s have some fun with good ole comfort foods that continue their trek to greatness. There’s something to be said about indulgent foods that make you say “yum” no matter the environment. We took a look at Flavor & The Menu Top 10 Trends in 2021, and here are some of the interesting opportunities that we found.

Here are 5 great foods on the rise in 2021 that are just plain tasty:

  1. Bread Is Back. Yep. Plenty of gluten and no guilt breads of all types are back with some help from flavored butters, jams, and oils.
Pimiento Cheese
  • Pimiento Cheese. Elvis loved it and any true red-blooded Southerner keeps a tub in his fridge in case of the Apocalypse. Look for pimiento cheese to make a break for restaurant menus atop burgers and sandwiches in ’21. Want to grab the attention of Gen Z and Millennial customers? Make it spicy.
Westernized Chinese
  • Westernized Chinese. Forget the rift between the U.S. and China, consumers are craving Asian foods with an Uncle Sam twist. In the lead is General Tso’s all spiced up and atop salads, as chicken wings, inside a sandwich and generously applied to pasta.
  • Say Seafood. We’ve been cooped up so long we’re ready for something other than chicken. Sushi is at the top of the food chain. Po Boy’s laden with shrimp and new species loaded with Omega 3, like amberjack is waiting for a plate in 2021 for you.
  • Ready for Dessert? Handheld delights, like Mexican churros or uniquely flavored ice creams atop warm pies, and fruit-flavored biscuits with honey on top make my mouth water.

Indulgence is in the offering for restaurant menus as consumers head back to their favorite hangouts as the vaccines start to curb COVID concerns by September. In the meantime, look for these great-tasting menu items to become heroes in your take-out till then.