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March 22, 2022

Biscuits and Bluegrass – Pal’s Latest and Greatest Hit

Theo Harris

Pal's Sudden Service Pork Tenderloin Promotional.

Pal’s Sudden Service came to us to promote the return of its limited-time breakfast menu item: Tender Pork Loin Biscuits. They wanted a campaign that felt authentic to the East Tennessee region while staying true to their quirky and playful brand personality. So, we put our biscuit hats on and decided there’s nothing more authentic to the area than a bluegrass quartet playing a song about Tender Pork Loin Biscuits.

The song we wrote was based on an old southern folk classic called “Boil Them Cabbage Down.” We put our own fun twist on the song and incorporated it into a television commercial, social content, festival signage, SWAG, out-of-home ads, and even a radio spot.   

The talented folks performing our song are no other than the young musicians from East Tennessee State University’s Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Roots Music Studies Program. Authentic, right? We even have a special appearance at the end of our TV commercial from a guest star, Tim White, who has been a host and interviewer to some of the biggest names in bluegrass history. It was an honor working with local and celebrity bluegrass talent to create this catchy campaign. 

Clap your hands, stomp your feet, and sing along to “Tender Pork Loins Now” brought to you by Creative Energy. To learn more, or schedule a call to start creating your next winning message, click here.