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February 27, 2020

Starting a New Millennium with Millennials

Jessica lambert

Many organizations have unique goals they strive for as a team. The goals should be unique but the path towards success is usually similar – everyone working towards that one overarching goal through productivity, efficiency and team work. Although inevitable, every objective has obstacles. One of these obstacles is the difference in demographics (age) and diversity in personal values. Younger employees (Millennials) are being hired and working with older generations (Boomers and Gen x). There is potential for great opportunity when both demographics approach a challenge with an open mind then communicate and work as a team. A key to leveraging your team’s diversity is to understand key aspects about millennials and what they value.

  1. Work with Purpose – Millennials are impacted by motives that make them feel there is a purpose behind what they are doing. They search for an answer to the “why” for every project or challenge in order to better contribute towards the larger picture. The way to help motivate and encourage Millennials is by creating a strong foundation with simple, distinct values that are communicated and practiced every day.
  2. Switch up the work – Millennials were raised during the introduction and advancement of technology. With something new and different to try every year (if not every few months), many have a desire to try different jobs, practice new skills, work with new people, etc. All with the purpose of growing, becoming more knowledgeable and versatile, which can benefit a company as well as the individual.
  3. Work Flexibility – Similar to the point above to switching things up, allowing them to work remotely at different locations or choose when to work is another way your company can help provide an “experience” from the Millennial’s perspective. A flexible schedule instills trust and allows employees more time to develop outside interests and become a well-rounded person.  
  4. Giving Back – This seems to be the most common observation about Millennials, and it is accurate. Volunteering and helping others can fulfill a sense of purpose for all ages. A company that is active in the community will create an impact that benefits all parties involved. Take a day for everyone in the office to go off site, work together and help others. It will boost morale and reinforce company values such as team work and community commitment.

Overall, these tips and explanations each have an intention to create a healthy working environment and a sense of community within an office. Combining Millennials’ values with the values of other generations can help create a balanced company lifestyle that generates success in more ways than one.