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August 12, 2021

Your Job Title is Irrelevant

Theo Harris

Your Job Title is Irrelevant

Yep. I said it. You are not defined by a job description or the title on your business card. You are not defined by the way you fit into an org chart. You are defined by the pride and purpose you put into your job. A job can be why the grass gets cut or why the floor gets cleaned. Work is how YOU do it. Maybe the grass is cross-cut perfectly or the floor shines because of your own special cleaning formula. A job is much different from work. Your work should be your primary focus.

Make Passion Your Tool

Of course, you have a job to do. But the way you do it is what counts. For Michelangelo, his work ethic was found in his chisel. For Picasso on the tip of his paintbrush. For surgeons, it’s at the end of a scalpel and scholars at the end of a pen. Whatever your tool is, master it. Take time to get to know it and learn how to make it produce different results. Let your passion and work ethic guide you. 

The Real Boss is Staring at You in the Mirror

Your boss isn’t the one with the biggest paycheck or fanciest sports car. It’s the person you see every morning in the mirror. You are accountable for the work you do. You don’t need someone to look over your shoulder telling you the work is done. You should know that when your job is done, it is done right. Because that’s the true definition of work.

Tell Convention to Kick Rocks

Doing a job for a long time can make you comfortable. You can push buttons, clock out, and go home. But doing work is different. It shouldn’t be mechanical or robotic. Try and flip the 9 to 5 to 5 to 9. Break rules and give your job a wake-up call. Put more passion behind your responsibility. You will enjoy it more.

Wear Your Work Differently

All jobs are different, but the lesson is the same. A job will pay you, but work will fulfill you. So reevaluate how you are working. Are you enjoying it? Are you making yourself the boss? Are you defying conventions? If not, maybe give those things a try.

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