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DECEMBER 9, 2019

Here Are the Top E-Mail Marketing Tactics For 2020

by Tony Treadway

Creative Energy Email Marking

While e-mail marketing may not be as sexy as producing a million-dollar TV spot, it is the workhorse on customer engagement. In fact, Creative Energy is producing content and distributing hundreds of e-mail marketing campaigns to B2B and B2C targets each year. Why? Because penny for penny, smart e-mail marketing is the most effective tactic a marketer can muster.

“Penny for penny, smart e-mail marketing is the most effective tactic a marketer can muster.”

Tony Treadway
Creative Energy President

A recent survey of companies leveraging e-marketing by Demand Metrics found that firms reporting increased e-mail marketing effectiveness also reported annual revenue growth. The survey found the top e-mail objectives for the year were to communicate with customers, build brand awareness, communicate with prospects and generate revenue. Yet, only 15% of respondents reported increased effectiveness in their e-mail marketing in 2019.

As you tune up your marketing plan for 2020, our team can share some top ways to prepare for additional success in your e-marketing plan. These are tidbits we’ve learned this year that can maximize your e-engagements:

  1. The Subject Line Is Key! – We’ve found that a subject line with no more than 50 characters results in the very best open rates. The subject matter should offer value to the end-user as well. While some may be nervous about the words “free” in the subject line, free samples or the word “try” generally provide the best engagements.
  2. Unique Content Is A Must – We produce tons of content, from research-based articles to infographics and video. The content should always add valuable insights to your intended targets. In many cases, the content that we produce earns more clicks than the button for a free sample. These insights can position you as the “thought leader” within your industry. The content should reside on your website so that a click from your HTML e-blast exposes the user to the entirety of your offering, and your story as a business. The content will also enhance your search engine optimization as browser favor sites that regularly update their content.
  3. Always Be Freshening Your Lists – We are freshening e-mail lists for our clients on a near-daily basis. For B2B audiences, encourage your sales team to provide attendee lists from recent trade shows. Have a unique place on your website for visitors to opt-in for future communications. For B2C lists, do the same and make it front and center on your website for opting in for e-communications and encourage it on social media. 
  4. Make E-Mail Personalization A Priority – Using first names in an e-mail, especially the introductory one, is important in encouraging an open. Make sure that your lists and your programming include the target’s first name when possible. Likewise, tying user behavior on your website provides significant insight as to their interests. Leverage the information in your e-mail messaging. Especially within e-commerce shopping cart abandons. 
  5. User-Generated Content Is Always A Winner – If there is one thing you do in 2020 that can enhance your engagement, it should be encouraging user-generated content. Having good things said about your offering from someone other than you builds believability like no other. A case in point this year was a young tomato grower for our client Red Gold. His video on how he harvests his fresh tomatoes for the company has outperformed all other content this year for engagement. Find ways to encourage your customers or suppliers to tell a story and with their permission to use it for your e-marketing campaign. 

Make e-marketing a priority in 2020 and you will be encouraged by the response and the ROI on sales. Let’s make the new year where your e-marketing metrics are stellar. If you need additional ideas, contact us at Creative Energy.