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June 10, 2021

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Theo Harris

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Glowing amber eyes, colorful facial markings, bushy tails—for years I have admired wolves. These creatures are both majestic and mysterious. Powerful and composed. When I was a kid, I always looked for these animals at the zoo. I even had a poster of them hanging on my bedroom wall. To me, wolves are incredible creatures, and we have a lot to learn from them—especially in the way we do business.

Loyalty is Life

Wolves are faithful animals. They stay true to their pack and know what they need to contribute. They know they work better together than apart. In any pack or team, it’s important to stay loyal. One of the ways to do that is by adopting teamwork. In 1962, JFK was touring NASA’s space center. He saw a janitor mopping the hallway and broke away from his group and walked over to the janitor. As the story goes, he said, “Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What do you do here?” The janitor replied, “I’m helping to put a man on the moon, Mr. President.” This story is a great illustration of teamwork. Every member of a team must know how their efforts contribute to a project and how their goals align with the organization. We are loyal pack animals all working together for a better cause. This is important for any business to understand if they want to succeed.

Different Howls with One Vision

It is common knowledge that wolves howl, but did you know they have different howls? Findings from a recent study* suggest that wolf species have howling dialects. Researchers used computer algorithms to analyze howling, distilling over 2,000 different howls into 21 howl types based on pitch and fluctuation, and then matched patterns of howling. If we compare our business to a wolf pack, we have many voices and personalities. People come from various backgrounds, with various beliefs, talents, and passions. It’s vital to respect all of those differences and learn to communicate with one vision. After all, our individual differences make any business pack stronger.

Grudges are Deadly

While dogs avoid each other after aggressive encounters, wolves quickly reconcile. Wolves know that quick resolution is important to survival in a pack. They also know that cooperation is essential and that ongoing interpack strife can result in devastating long-term effects on the wolf family. When it comes to a company or business, this rings true as well. To be a successful business, coworkers need to cooperate and work together. They need to let go of grudges and try to be on the same page. When a business is unified, it becomes a more successful pack, no matter the hardship.

Work Hard Play Harder

Wolves have the concept of working hard and playing hard down to an art form. Wolves can travel up to 30 miles each day in search of food and even have to fight to survive. However, throughout the day they also love to play. Wolves are social creatures that play well together even when they get old which helps create strong bonds between them. In our ever-busy working world, it’s very easy to get absorbed into the work and lose a sense of balance. There is a danger of often getting burned out or feeling exhausted. Take it from the wolves and try to enjoy playtime between all that hard work. It will help your business be healthier and your pack be happier.

We hope you found this article insightful. If you need help strengthening your own wolf pack or creating some stellar advertising, Creative Energy can help. Talk to us today.