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November 18, 2021

Never Forget the Art

Theo Harris

Never Forget the Art

Last weekend I went to a variety of art galleries and talked to local artists. As I was traveling along from gallery to gallery, I began to remember why I love art so much, it represents something. A unique perspective, a story, a personality, a soul. Art is a reflection of the artist and can also be interpreted in so many ways by the viewer. Art is something every advertiser should emulate.

Numbers Aren’t Everything

Sales. Likes. Tweets. Engagements. Sometimes brands get so caught up in the results of the advertising, instead of anticipating the overall effect it can have. Yes, better sales are important, and bigger impressions matter, but the most powerful ads are the ones that, like art, mean many things to different people. 

Swooshes, Apples, Golden Arches

Why do people wear only Nikes? Have all-out battles over Apple products? Swear that they grew up eating under the golden arches of McDonald’s and are loyal until they die. All of these brands have great products, but they also have created art in society’s eye. Nike stands for athleticism and cool. For swagger and power. Apple for simplicity and smarts. For packaging so artfully crafted you want to keep every box you get. McDonald’s offers a warm welcome through its golden smiles, endearing happy meals, and perfectly crisp fries. All of these brands have their own sense of art. The colors, the fabrics, the ingredients, the way you feel when you choose them. Art draws you in and defines you. It is a familiar friend and an inspiration.

Be the Art to Make the Art

So, how do you make your brand as artful as a Nike or an Apple? As whimsical as a Disney or Starbucks? You go back to the fundamentals of art. Art is based on simple observation and appreciation. It’s finding bravery in creativity. But ultimately it’s looking at the world as a child again.

Find Friends Everywhere

Kids have this incredible ability to make friends with everyone. It doesn’t matter their background, their ethnicity, or their age. Kids can talk to 20 different kids on the playground at the same time. By doing this they are learning about a variety of personalities and perspectives. So get out there and talk to people. COVID may have changed the way you can do this, but you can still talk with people via Zoom, phone, or even responsible social distancing. Surround yourself with people that inspire you, that challenge your creativity, that are different. The more people you talk to, the more human experiences you gather and the better your advertising can be.

Open Your Eyes

Advertising doesn’t exist and cannot succeed in a bubble. You need to read the news, know the state of the economy, know the latest trends in music, and watch the movies that everyone is chatting about. Stay informed and immerse yourself in everything you can.

Shut Up and Listen

Artists know that they need time to just sit and listen. To take in their subjects and gather inspiration. Luckily for you, consumer voices are screaming. Consumers are voicing their opinions on Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They are talking about what they like, what they dislike, and what brands are tone-deaf. Take the moment to take those voices in and listen to the world around you. That will make you a better marketer.

Make Art, Not War

Don’t fight other brands with petty insults and hollow accusations. Fight them the smart way as an artist. Learn to be a better advertiser by making more friends, opening your eyes, and listening more. Be a child and make some gosh darn great art already.

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