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March 31, 2022

3 Tips to Check Your Digital Brand Position

Brandon Stanbrough

3 Tips to Check Your Digital Brand Position.

There’s an adage that says a rolling stone gathers no moss.  Of course, we all know that means we must continue moving forward lest we become overgrown with the moss of mediocrity. There’s a lot of truth to that in the digital world.  Technology continues to grow at a fast pace, and unless we grow with it by changing our digital strategies, we will find ourselves being left behind gathering moss. That’s why it’s important to follow several practical strategies when you look at how you digitally market yourself better to your audience. 

Getting the word out

Many companies use emails to capture a person’s attention, sending out blasts of information en masse. While this can work to a degree, studies show that the average email campaign is only opened by an average of ~16% of consumers with around half of that clicking through to the content.  That’s a whole lot of mail that’s gathering dust in a user’s inbox.  So, what can be done to fix that?  The easiest way to look at this is through the lens of door-to-door sales.  I know this is an old-time analogy but hear me out on this one.  Most people are not going to answer the door for a salesperson but would gladly let in a friend or a loved one.  That’s why it’s important before those emails even get to someone’s “door” an established relationship is there, and to do that we have to go back to the beginning with a first impression. 

Let’s dress things up a bit

The first impression with a consumer is generally gained through a company’s website, but most corporate websites will often feel cold and informational.  This is where connecting to your audience through engaging content and a fresh look can help build that relationship with a client—Providing not only information, but blogs showcasing how you as a company are continuing to grow and showcasing new exciting trends in your field.  Another contributing factor is the overall feel of the site.  Are the menus easy to access?  Is it easy to find information a client might need?  Most importantly, how long has it been since the site has been updated?  Just like clothes, digital trends change and while a GeoCities site might have been all the rage in 1995, by today’s standards, that’s just not going to cut it, and technology has improved drastically with the advent of things like HTML5, Progressive Web Apps, and AI that can help meet your customer’s needs before they might even know it.

Keeping them engaged

Digital technology is a tool just like a hammer and chisel.  Used in the proper way, it can create a masterpiece that draws someone in and captures attention.  Likewise, used incorrectly and someone is often left scratching their head and wondering what’s going on.  Take some time and give yourself that new chiseled look so you can show off your best features as a company because once a consumer takes the time to look you over and sees what they like, they are going to want to come back for more (including those emails we mentioned above).  So, is it time for a fresh look for you?  If so, let us know so we can help keep you looking sharp.