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August 4, 2022

Leveraging AI for Your Brand

Bill May

Leveraging AI for Your Brand

It’s no secret that Creative Energy is a digital forward agency with its fingers on the pulse of everything digital. As AI is now beginning to progress exponentially, how can you leverage these tools for your brand? And how can agencies leverage them during the process of bringing a brand to cult status?

Here are 3 ways to leverage current AI technology with your brand or agency:

Copywriting – At this point, most of us have probably seen an ad or two for AI copywriting. As with all AI, it has gotten much better over the last few years. Having said that, it isn’t perfect, you must still apply human creativity to smith the words into your brand’s voice. Sometimes sentences can be awkward or even offensive! You should always thoroughly proof any copy, whether it’s from AI or your staff.

Grammar, it’s excellent, but still far from perfect. Again, use your human team to make sure you proof all the things. Never too much proofing!

Bottomline – AI-generated copy is a great springboard for your staff of creatives to use to add the human voice of your brand, saving both time and money.

Tools for generating AI copy:

ConceptingDALL-E 2 While DALL-E-2 is still in the beta stages its effects on the concepting stages are profound. For example, you can simply type “Art deco-inspired high-top shoes” into the generator and within minutes be presented with hundreds of photoreal rendered options to choose from. Or maybe you’ve got a great campaign idea where all of the planet’s herbivore’s secretly prefer the beef of a Pal’s hamburger, you could then type “deer, rabbit, and giraffe eating a hamburger” and again be returned with hundreds of results for your choosing. This process would typically take a designer weeks, probably months to create, and could all happen within an hour.

However, there are caveats. DALL-E 2 does rely on the ‘net’s availability of images. So a visual created from “Alien Inspired Shoes” will return much better options than “Shoes inspired by the ‘55 Chevy in Two Lane Blacktop”.

Also, the AI doesn’t know that shoes are actually designed as they are for the human form factor and comfortability, nor that a hamburger should be hot and juicy. All it has to draw upon are the images it can locate and use for reference. Don’t be surprised by some of the results being “out there.”

Ad Placements – AI is gaining ground daily with programmatic digital ad placements and can save brands thousands of dollars on wasted clicks.

For example, an AI advertising system helped an eCommerce company achieve a 3,000% return on ad spend all while reducing costs.

Naomi Simson, who is a host on Shark Tank Australia, has a company called RedBalloon.  RedBalloon sells experiences and gifts online. RedBalloon was spending $45,000 per month on staff to run digital advertising for their brand which equated to paying over $50 per customer acquisition.

Desperation drove them to investigate every possibility and that’s when they turned to AI and found an AI tool, Albert. Albert uses complex AI to analyze ad campaigns, then manage targeting, testing, and budgets.

Albert was able to do things humans literally couldn’t. In one day, Albert had tested 6,500 variations of a Google Adwords text ad campaign and learned from each experiment. Within a few months, Albert was so effective it was able to improve the ad performance of RedBalloon’s ad, they began getting a massive 3,000% return on each ad spends. They were also able to cut managing costs by 25% due to the improved efficiency.

Tools for AI ad placements

Predictions – I see a future where humans are no longer manually placing, writing, and adjusting ad spending due to the fact that we just simply cannot analyze the data quickly enough. Also, due to the fact that we, as a race, are consumed with the worry about our digital privacy. AI anonymization will be the path forward. AI platforms will be bidding out our dollars against each other for the best placement and content all while keeping our data safe (from humans anyway).

Need help utilizing AI to elevate your brand? Call us! We’re (mostly) human.