We turn your regular customers into

brand-obsessed, loyal followers.

Creative Energy is an independent, full-service, small ad agency of the year award winner hidden in the mountains of East Tennessee. And we’re into building cult brands.


Relationships. Clients like working with us. People like working for us. And that’s because we’re delightful people who know how to have fun in meetings while still providing the best work possible. Business. We believe in the cult model of business. Customers are fine, but we believe brand obsessed followers willing to get a logo tattooed on their arm is frankly better business. Ingenuity. Much like the majestic Jackalope, we’re small but feisty. That means we work harder and find solutions that are surprising, brave, and effective.

Capable as Madison Ave, in a prettier setting.

When we say “full-service ad agency,” we mean it. 360 campaigns, brand strategy, stunning web design, and a whole lot of other things that would make this blurb too long. And we do it all here, in-house, at our office that used to be a moonshine distillery in 1876 for Al Capone’s lesser known Southern cousin, Earl Capone…Ok, that’s not true. But here’s a true list of our capabilities:

Advertising (obvs)  ·  Creative  ·  Brand  ·  Strategy  ·  Social  ·  Design  ·  PR  ·  Media  ·  Consulting  ·  Multimedia Video  ·  Web  ·  
Advertising (obvs)  ·  Creative  ·  Brand  ·  Strategy  ·  Social  ·  Design  ·  PR  ·  Media  ·  Consulting  ·  Multimedia Video  ·  Web  ·  

Create your cult brand today!

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