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Supporting the U.S. Navy During Community Outreach

Creative Energy has been selected as the In-City Planner (ICP) partner to help provide media and public relations coverage support for the Navy’s domestic community engagement program, Navy Week.  These events are developed to help local communities understand the value and support the U.S. Navy brings to those non-coastal communities that may not have regular interaction

Ghost Kitchens. Are They Friend Or Foe?

If you aren’t aware of the issue, go back to sleep. The advent of delivery beyond pizza is the rage.  Much like the days that banks promoted online banking and lost the loyalty of their customers ghost kitchens could do the same for restaurant chains. Big data held by third-party delivery companies can be damaging

Voice Search and How it Can Affect Business Success Right Now

75% of households will have at least one smart speaker by 2020, according to the Consumer Adoption of Voice Technology and Digital Assistants report from Microsoft This includes Amazon devices, all mobile phones, and other Internet-connected appliances. Much like late 90’s apprehension from businesses to adopt social media as a viable channel to grow revenue

An Influential Battle

A battle continues in the social media world, and it’s all about the influencer. After a 1500% increase in searches for the term “influential marketing” over the past 3 years, in a world where video rules, Pinterest has recently made changes with its platform to attract influencers and creators wanting to showcase their brands through

Perception Is Reality With AR

Augmented reality isn’t new, but it’s influence on retail and tourism has started to change how we perceive our world. In the next five years, augmented reality (AR) and the umbrella of XR, or extended reality, will experience growth that will outstrip most other media formats with nearly 340% in estimated growth, moving from $5.91

Tennessee Hills Distillery Selects Creative Energy as Agency of Record

Jonesborough-based distillery, Tennessee Hills Distillery, has selected Creative Energy—a full-service marketing and advertising firm as its agency of record. The agency has a long and proven history of success in the food and beverage industry. The decision is expected to enhance the growing distiller’s brand awareness and market share. “The craft spirits segment continues to