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April 7, 2022

Let the Beat Drop

Theo Harris

Music in advertising article.

Okay, can we get real for a second? I want you to tell me the last song you listened to. Was it Doja Cat? Bieber? AC/DC? Eminem? Maybe Celine Dion on full blast in your minivan? Now, why did you listen to it? Was it to energize your day? Calm you down? Plow through that pile of dirty dishes that’s been staring you in the face all week. You may not realize it, but music plays a huge part in life. In fact, the average person listens to music for close to 4 hours each day. It also evokes emotion in listeners, which is highly useful in marketing. Check out these 3 reasons why your business should be using music.

  1. Rage and Engage

Music fans are loyal to their artists. They download music tracks, attend live events, and wear swag. They also engage with their favorite artists on social media. Social media connects fans to artists. Fans can like, comment, and share content and sometimes have the opportunity to speak with their favorite artists through social media platforms. You can tie music into your brand to utilize songs and musical artists. You can create your own musical brand swag. Plus, you may even be able to collaborate with a local or well-known musician to boost your brand recognition.

  1. New OpporTUNEities

The music industry is growing by the day. Social media has made it easier than ever for artists and songs to gain popularity.  This can work in your favor. Imagine having your brand use a local artist’s music in your marketing video. The band could create a music video featuring your product. That video could go viral. The band could even sponsor or promote your product on tour. Recently, Creative Energy made its own viral commercial for Pal’s featuring a local bluegrass band. We put a new twist on a classic folk song, “Boil Them Cabbage Down” with talented young musicians from East Tennessee State University performing it. This song was incorporated into a TV commercial featuring bluegrass celebrity Tim White. Take a look at the commercial here:

This was a great opportunity for Pal’s, Creative Energy, and the local band. Creative Energy is also currently promoting food-centered music playlists on social media for its client, Texas Pete. This is another easy way to leverage music for your brand.

  1. Think Local

Yes, your brand could leverage a platinum-level artist that’s sold millions of albums, but that will cost you big time. It’s easier to use local and regional artists that you can help become more popular. Local artists already have an established fan base that you can leverage to promote your brand. They are also more flexible when it comes to promoting your product. On top of it all, collaborating with a local artist will be more affordable.

Put Music In Your Marketing

Whether it’s in a video, in a playlist, or simply playing at a trade show, adding music to marketing is a unique way to drive attention to your business or service. Choose the artist that fits your brand and let the beat drop. If you need help implementing music into your brand or collaborating with a local musical artist, Creative Energy can help.