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January 28, 2022

Restaurants Ramping Up Their Tech Targeting Consumers Will Win in 2022

Tony Treadway

Restaurant technology article.

Here are some numbers that should convince any restaurant operator to ramp up their technology for online menus, ordering, and payment:

60% of Americans order takeout or deliver at least once per week*

*Yelp For Restaurants, 2022

60% of restaurant operators say offering delivery significantly boosted their business*.

*Restaurant Business, 2021

54% of Americans will use a food delivery app on their smartphone by 2023*.

*Statistica, 2022

$220 Billion. That’s the total dollar sales of restaurant food deliveries projected for 2023*.

*Apps That Deliver, 2022

There is no turning back on the trend of takeout and delivery. Currently representing about 40% of all restaurant sales, the convenience of a doorbell ring at dinner time won’t change even after the pandemic is in our rearview mirror.

For an operator, tech time is now for revamping their online menus and ordering systems to capture sales, reduce order mistakes and labor. Providers now integrate hiring and HR solutions such as shift scheduling as well as social media and menu planning in one convenient suite of software.

If you are an operator who has not optimized a technology solution, 2022 better be the year.